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16 Reasons for Selecting an Age 55+ Manufactured Home Community for Your Retirement Destination.


Why Pick San Diego's North County for Your Retirement Destination?


A Checklist for Selecting the Right Mobile/Manufactured Home Park for Your Retirement.

16 Reasons for Selecting a North County Age 55+ Mobile/Manufactured Home Park for Your Retirement Destination

You may have thought of many reasons for down-sizing; moving to a Senior apartment, condo or smaller conventional home when you retire. We suggest you read the following 16 Reasons before ruling out Manufactured/Mobile homes:


1. Our Age 55+ Manufactured/Mobile Home Park Communities offer dignified, low-cost active retirement living; In an area with the Best Climates in the U.S., Low Crime Rates and loads of Senior Activities.

2. They are a great value for your retirement dollar- Especially when compared to the high prices of conventional single-family homes and condominiums in this area. In addition, they typically require very little maintenance.

3. Our fifty-six, Age 55+ Mobile/Manufactured Home Parks offer a wide selection of community choices, some examples are: Some communities are gated, one has a free 9-hole golf courses on its premises, 2 are Country Club communities and 3 are within walking distance to the beach. Some allow the home owners to own the lot (space) on which the home resides, others require the home owner to pay a monthly space rent.

4. They are relatively safe places to live- Hurricanes, tornadoes and floods are practically unheard of in our area and most of our Crime Rates are well below national averages. Additionally, historical data shows that major earthquakes in the San Diego area are practically nonexistent (see Earthquakes Are RARE in San Diego! reports and Climate Details for more on this subject). Aside from one park in Fallbrook, the wild fires that occurred in San Diego County during the past 2 decades did not burn any homes in any of our Age 55+ Mobile/Manufactured Home Communities.

5. Most communities have a resort-like atmosphere- A club house, swimming pool, spa and exercise equipment and many have planned activities such as poker, bridge, golf, tennis, Yoga classes, bowling, dances, dinners and low-cost trips and tours. They are the perfect settings to meet friendly retired folks from all walks of life and from everywhere in the U.S.

6. A huge selection of homes is available- Including less expensive older " Mobile " homes and newer "Manufactured" homes. They range in age from brand-new to over 40 years old. Many of the older homes have been upgraded and modernized.

7. Many homes are as large or larger than most retirement apartments, condos or attached homes- They come in a variety of sizes but typically provide over 1400 sq. ft. of living area, all on a single level.

8. They offer more privacy than apartments or condominiums- They do not have common walls and most have a small yard and patio.

9. Some homes have great views- Views of hills, mountains or city lights and some even have ocean views.

10. Most homes have carports and storage sheds- But some have garages.

11. Most communities have low-cost RV parking on the premises- A place to store, clean and load-up your RV for pennies per day, within walking distance of your home.

12. All communities have a Home Owner's Association and Park Management- That assure that the homes and grounds are well maintained, litter free and usually tastefully landscaped.

13. The Senior Mobile Home Communities in Escondido, Oceanside and San Marcos, are under rent control ordinances- This helps space rents from being influenced by skyrocketing local real estate prices.

14. Mobile and Manufactured Homes have been a good investment in the past- Although they are subject to price fluctuations similar to those encountered by other real estate, most have a record of appreciating in value over the long term. In addition, there is a high probability that they will continue to be in high demand by Baby Boomers (who in 2011 began turning age 65 at a rate of approximately 10,000 per day), who are seeking affordable alternatives to expensive conventional homes or alternatives to homes in areas with long, cold winters, with miserable summer heat and humidity or with high desert heat.

15. A Smart Idea- Retiring in a comfortable mobile or manufactured home in North San Diego County may leave extra $$ for play, travel, the purchase of an RV, helping to pay for grandchildren's college, etc. and still allow you to live comfortably in an area with a great climate, low crime rates, a huge variety of things to do and many additional advantages.

16. Another Smart Idea- Mobile or Manufactured homes make excellent second homes here in North San Diego County, considered to be one of the best year-around resort areas in the U.S. We have great weather throughout the year!

Why Pick San Diego's North County for Your Retirement Destination?

North County Offers Retirees:

Each Area Offers Unique Cities, Ambience, Climate & Senior Resources

Our Coastal Region Our region between the Coastal and Inland areas Our Inland Region

And a Wide Variety of Active Adult Retirement Homes
Home Choices and Prices

 Tops in The Nation! All Areas! All Year Long!

Our Climates The details regarding Our Climates A comparison of climates througout the U.S. A description of our 4 seasons


Local activities available to retirees A directory of activities and resources for retirees Things to do when entertaining Guests and Grandchildren

Resources for Seniors Crime Rates in North County compared to national averages and to those in other popular retirement places Cost of retirement living in North San Diego County

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A Checklist for Selecting the Right Mobile/Manufacture Home Park for Your Retirement

This Check List is for those folks who are interested in retiring to an Age 55+ Mobile/Manufactured Home Park. Many of the items on this Check-List are obvious and can be found in most of North County's Mobile/Manufacture Home Parks but some may be worth adding to your own list of needs and desires to improve your personal blueprint for the location of your dream retirement home.


The Park’s Location-

• Quiet- No excessive freeway, road or aircraft noise.

• A Climate that promotes a healthy and enjoyable retirement lifestyle- You can spend a lot of precious retirement days indoors, waiting for decent weather or you can move to North San Diego County and have nice weather most days, all year long.

• Convenient to shopping, good restaurants, freeways, part-time work, etc.

• Safe sidewalks, trails or a beach nearby by for walking and jogging. Near fitness centers and jogging trails if they are important to you.

• A low Crime Rate area (a gated community is a plus).

• Near good quality Medical-care Facilities.

• Good and quick responding ambulance, fire and police protection.

The Community-

• The community accepts the ages of those you want to move in; durations of your planned visitor stays, your pets, etc.

• Has a nice Community Center facilities; a fairly large clubhouse with a modern kitchen, a stage and plenty of room for activities; a pool and spa that are heated year-round; other amenities that are important to you such as tennis courts, game rooms, billiards, an exercise room, etc.

• Has a wide selection of Community Center sponsored activities such as card games, bingo, billiards, bunko, potluck dinners, dances, exercise classes, yoga, discount tours, sports teams and other social activities. Do they publish a monthly magazine with a calendar monthly activities and events?

• Has well-maintained landscaping throughout the park that is beautiful; clean streets, trimmed trees and well-maintained yards and homes.
• Has few or no cars parked on streets (preferably no overnight parking allowed on streets).
• Their Pet Rules allow you to keep your favorite pets. 

• Has a place nearby to walk your dog.
• Has veterinary services nearby if you need them.

• Homes have well-maintained, low-maintenance yards.
• Homes are affordable- You need to know what you can afford.
• Nice views are a plus.

• If possible, visit the clubhouse and talk to tenants; ask them how they like living here, how they like the management and how much their Space Rent or Home Owner’s Fees increased this year, also ask if there have been any recent thefts in the park.

• If you need help in selecting a North San Diego County park or if you have found some parks that you like and would like information about homes that are presently for sale in these parks, please CONTACT US..  


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