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~ Our "Last Rose of Summer" Blooms Just Before We Trim Our Rose Bushes in January ~ 


Spring in North San Diego County is that wonderful time of the year when the hills are green, flowers bloom along the roadways, the nearby Anza Berrego desert bursts into bloom and the weather remains cool but not cold. Spring (as we define it), usually begins in mid-February and lasts to sometime around the end of June. May and June usually have some morning overcast with afternoon sunshine. Spring is a great time to walk the nearly deserted beaches and watch the coastal birds, surfers and dolphins.


Summer in North San Diego County is that time of the year when most days are warm to hot but not muggy. We seldom get appreciable rainfall during the summer. The green disappears from the hills and people crowd the beaches for sun bathing, surfing, swimming and picnicking. Summer is a great time for outdoor plays and concerts, barbeques, swimming in the ocean and getting caught up in the summer fun and activities at the beaches. Summer (as we define it) usually begins around the first of July and ends after mid-September.


Fall in North San Diego County is that time of the year when the kids are back in school, the beaches, and other summer attractions are nearly vacant and the weather is sunny and warm. Occasional Santa Ana winds may bring a few days of desert wind and heat. We have some fall colors, the popular Sweet Gum (Liquidambar) and occasional Ginkgo Biloba trees leaves being the most brilliantly colored. Fall is a great time to do all the things we do during the summer months, but without the summer crowds. Fall (as we define it) usually lasts from around mid-September to mid-December.


Winters are short and mild. Most of our rain falls during winter and early spring. Daytime temperatures usually reach the mid 60's (°F) and night time temperatures drop to the high 40's near the beach and high 30's inland. Occasional frosts occur inland. Winter (as we define it) usually lasts from mid-December to mid-February. Winter is the best time of the year to go on whale watching tours.

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