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Personal Safety Isn't the Only Reason for Retiring Here!

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Crime Rates of North San Diego County's Cities

Compared to
Other Highly Rated Retirement Places

Compare  Crime Rates of CNN Money's 2013 list of "10 Best Places to Retire" to North San Diego County's low overall crime rates and to the national averages.

Compare Crime Rates of North San Diego County's individual towns and cities to the national averages.

Check  The FBI's 2014 Universal Crime Reports (UCR) for U.S. cities and the San Diego Regional Planning Agency (San Diego County Cities) and San Diego City Police Department (Neighborhood) 2014 Crime Rates for yourself.


Seniors Are Favorite Targets of Criminals

It is vital to select a Low Crime Neighborhood for your retirement home; both for your own personal safety and for the safety of your possessions. It is also important for your peace of mind to be able to come and go as you please, to leave your home without fear of theft while you are gone and to sleep well without fear of being robbed at night. It should however be noted that nearly all cities have neighborhoods that are considered to be relatively safe and others that are not as safe. The FBI cautions that "City crime rate comparisons lead to simplistic and/or incomplete analyses that often create misleading perceptions adversely affecting communities and their residents.” With that said, high city crime rates certainly are red flags that caution the retiree to be extra careful when picking a neighborhood to shop, travel though and live in.
The data in the first table shows that North San Diego County's Violent and Property Crime Rates are considerably lower than the national average (100% = National Average). They are also lower than the Crime Rates of many other popular retirement cities in the U.S. including most of those listed as CNN Money's "10 Best Places to Retire in 2013". These data also show that in 2013, North San Diego County was a relatively safe place to retire and had lower crime rates than all of the large cities in the U.S. (except for the city of El Paso which had the lowest crime rate in the nation). If you wish to explore this further, you will also find that most cities described as "Affordable Retirement Places" also have much higher High Crime Rates than North San Diego County (In addition to their harsh winter and/or hot summer weather).

 The "North San Diego County, CA" Crime Rate data in the first table represents the calculated combined crime rates for all of the North County cities for which Crime Rate data is available; Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Fallbrook, Valley Center and Rancho Bernardo (approximately 98% of the North County population).

Please Note: It is unfortunate that the FBI's 2015 final UCR report was not available when we updated this webpage (In Sept. 2016), so the information presented is based on the 2013 through 2014-time period. 

Crime Rates of North San Diego County Compared Below to CNN Moneys'
"10 Best Places to Retire

(Lower Numbers Indicate Lower Crime Rates)


Retirement Place
(The #'s are for CNN Money's 2013 "10 best Places to Retire" list.)

Crime Rate

(% of U.S. Avg.)
-Lower Numbers Are Safer-

Crime Rate

(% of U.S. Avg.)
-Lower Numbers Have Less Crime-


North San Diego

County, CA



90 78

As you can see, North San Diego County's Violent and Property Crime Rates are both below the U.S. average. They are also lower than those of the city of San Diego, which is ranked as the 2nd safest large city in the U.S.

San Diego, CA

1,338,477 107 83

Compiled FBI statistics for 2013 show San Diego ranked 2nd safest large city in U.S. with populations exceeding 500,000.

Crime Rates of Cities Listed as CNN Money's "10 Best Places to Retire in 2013"

#1 Raleigh, N.C.

420,594 109 115

All of these highly rated retirement places are listed in CNN Money's 2013 article" 10 Best Places to Retire." All except Boise, Idaho's Violent Crime Rate, are higher than the combined crime rates of North San Diego County's cities.  They are also all higher than the crime rates of the cities of Carlsbad, Encinitas, San Marcos, and Rancho Bernardo.


Consider the following "5 Key Retirement Factors"-

1) Affordable Housing

2) Low Taxes

3) Best Climate

4) Low Crime Rate

5). Many Things to Do

Among the Best Places to Retire, North San Diego County ranks tops in Climate, has Low Crime Rates, offers an outstanding selection of Things to Do, has about average Taxes, but may be somewhat higher than most in Housing Costs.
When selecting the best place to for you to retire to, remember that "Affordable" may not equate to personal safety or to an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle if you are living and shopping in an area with a high crime rate.


#2 Pittsburgh, PA  

312,112 194 120

#3 Lexington, KY

302,332 91 155

#4 St.  Petersburg, FL

248,340 233 175

#5 Boise, ID

211,569 69 88

#6 Fort Lauderdale, FL.

170,827 234 204

#7 Salt Lake City, UT

192,465 175 261

#8 Colorado Springs, CO

432,287 118 145

#9 Spokane, WA

212,163 117 305

#10 Norfolk, Va.

245,303 140 162

2014 Crime Rates for North San Diego County's Towns and Cities
(Lower Numbers Indicate Lower Crime Rates)

Based on 2014 FBI, Sandag and San Diego Police Reported Crime Rates






OCEANSIDE 3 102.4 89.1
CARLSBAD3 49.7 60
ENCINITAS3 45.8 56.9
SOLANA BEACH3 47.1 83.1
DEL MAR3 114 124
VISTA3 95.3 67.2
SAN MARCOS3 59.1 55.1
FALLBROOK2 66.5 53.7
ESCONDIDO3 93.5 78.6

Notes: 1. 2014 data from San Diego City Police Dept. Data, based on an estimated 50,429 population
               of Rancho Bernardo.

           2. From San Diego Regional Planning Agency data, 2014.

              3. From FBI Universal Crime Reports (UCR); 2014

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FBI Universal Crime Reports (UCR); Crime in the United States, 2014, for Cities in Each State. Table 8

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2014 San Diego City Police Department (Neighborhood).

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