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Apollo 13 to Houston-- We have a problem! Our oxygen tanks failed, we have no heat and a shortage of water, are more than 200,000 miles from earth and going in the wrong direction.








Is this the way you sometimes feel about entering the Retirement Chapter of life?

Some "experts" claim there are three basic phases of retirement. They seem reasonable based on our experience and so we listed them below and have added some of our own thoughts on how obtain the most value and enjoyment from each phase.
Many people change residences one or more times during the Retirement Chapter of their lives. Some move to a different location, some downsize to a smaller place, some move to Active Adult (Age 55+) Communities and then as they age, to Independent Living or Assisted Care Retirement Communities.

Phase 1, The ACTIVE Phase-

When retirees enjoy the "good things of life"; where they travel and do many of the "things" they waited all their lives to do. This may be the most expensive phase.

A phase to possibly-

Enjoy your new freedom - Have fun - Play hard - Begin programs to stay in shape; both mentally and physically - Be productive - If necessary, earn extra $ to pay for living expenses, playing and toys - Learn some new skills, new sports and new games - Check-out the local restaurants and places of entertainment - Make new friends in your age group - Volunteer to help others - Strengthen your family ties - Strengthen or rekindle your religious faith - Begin down-scaling- Begin preparation for phase 3; such as considering purchasing a long-term care insurance policy while you are in good health and eligible, learn about end-of-life and estate planning.


Once most of the phase 1 wants are met or are no longer a high priority, the retiree may go into a phase that consists of developing a more or less comfortable retirement routine. This phase may be less active and less expensive than the first phase.

A phase to possibly-

Make an effort each day to enjoy life and to enjoy your leisure time; Enjoy your home, the great outdoors, family, neighbors, friends, pets, gardening, hobbies etc. - Have fun - Participate in social and religious activities with people in your age group - Take classes to learn new skills and hobbies - Exercise, eat right and stay mentally active - Make sure that you have good medical care available for if and when you need it - Volunteer to help others - Strengthen friendships and family ties and deepen your religious faith - If you haven't already done so, down-scale - Decide on whether or not to purchase Long-Term Care insurance - Complete your end-of-life and estate planning.

Phase 3, The HEALTH CARE Phase-

This third phase can become a very expensive phase if health care needs become expensive. It may also be a phase were changes to health and financial circumstances prevent participation in some phase 1 and phase 2 activities.

A phase to possibly-

Make a daily effort to enjoy your home and family and friends - Make sure that good medical care is readily available - Exercise, eat right and stay mentally active - Make sure that you are safe at all times - Rely on family and friends and your religious faith to help get you through tough times - If you haven't already done so, down-scale to the comfortable necessities and finalize your end-of-life and estate plans to make it as easy as possible for those you leave behind. Re-evaluate your spiritual readiness for leaving

God's waiting room.


In reality there is always an additional phase that follows the Retirement Chapter of everyone's life- The "After We Have Passed Away" phase-

All that remains of you on this earth is your legacy and the memories that friends and loved ones cherish of you and of shared adventures. For Christians, this is a Grand Homecoming that lasts for eternity.

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