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Highly Highly Rated Among Best Places to Retire in the US!

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Carlsbad, CA

    A Beautiful Place to Live- Hills, Valleys & Miles of Mesmerizing Public Beaches

- Enjoy Outdoor Activities Throughout the Year -
Replace homebound boredom with year-round outdoor activities, throughout
 "The Retirement Chapter of Your Life"


Three unique areas to choose from- Each offering a wide selection of communities and homes.

Coastal Cities

Our Coastal Area Features
Very moderate year-round temperatures, a serene ambience and an abundance of coastal activities.

Cities located near the coast

Our Near-Coast Area Features
A near-perfect climate; influenced both by cool ocean breezes and warm inland sunshine. Many homes have beautiful views. Its communities are close to everything.

Inland Cities

Our Inland Area Features
Sunshine approximately 330 days per year and low humidity, moderate temperatures all year long. It also offers a choice of small-city or rural living.


Live well and make happy memories
with loved ones and friends!


21 Public Beaches & a Community Pier



A Wide Selection of Golf Courses and
of Other Sports Opportunities


Arts and Entertainment for All Tastes


Many Opportunities for Fine Dining


Fun for Everybody


Opportunities for Lifelong Learning



Mild Temperatures All Year Long-
Our Coastal and Near-Coast climates are incredibly mild. During most days of every season, Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activity such as golfing, playing tennis, jogging, biking, hiking, surfing, fishing, boating, picnicking, barbequing, gardening or just walking the beach! All without out excessive heat or cold and with low humidity and few bugs. Our Inland climate is great too! It offers even more sunshine and warmer summer days.

Moderate Summers-
Average August highs range from the low 70ís (įF) at the coast to high 80ís (įF) Inland. We have very few hot, muggy or windy days, few thunderstorms and no hurricanes. Damaging hail and tornadoes are almost unheard of here. We also have very few mosquitoes and other bugs.
Warm Winters-
Average January lows are in the 40ís (įF). We have no long, cold winters and no snow or black ice. Winter days are mostly sunny and beautiful with green hills in the background and an abundance of flowers. Our miles of public beaches are nearly vacant during the fall, winter and spring months.

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3 Area Choices-
Our Coastal, Near-coast and Inland areas each offer a unique ambiance and a slightly different climate. All 3 Areas are less crowded than most other areas of Southern California; for example, our Coastal Area has less than half the population density (people per square mile) of Anaheim and Los Angeles and our Inland Area is even less crowded. North San Diego County also has Crime Rates below the U.S. averages.
13 City Choices-
Thirteen small to medium-sized, retiree-friendly towns and cities offer a choice of Coastal, Suburban or Rural retirement locations. They combine to provide amenities and conveniences that are comparable to what is usually found only in large cities, such as fine dining, great shopping and a variety of entertainment options, but with low Crime Rates and under less crowded living conditions.
Hundreds of Community Choices-
76 Active Adult Communities that include 56 affordable Age 55+ Mobile/Manufactured Home Park Communities and 20 conventional Active Adult Communities, plus hundreds of Retiree-Friendly, All-Age Communities.
Thousands of Home Choices-
A huge choice of homes ranging in price from the low $70,000ís for mobile homes to over $25 million for elegant coastal estates.


-Have fun, pursue your passions & find purpose in life-

Resort-like North County-
Abounds with cultural, recreational, educational and social activities for everyone. We have 61 nearby golf courses, 21 accessible beaches, a marina and community pier, 20 live performance theaters, more than 100 movie screens, more than 1500 restaurants, many excellent shopping centers and a large selection of places to worship. We also offer a choice of colleges and universities; some that offer low cost or even free courses to senior citizens.
The Beautiful City of San Diego-
An easy drive away, provides a vast selection of additional cultural and recreational activities.
Senior Center and City Sponsored Activities-
No matter where you live in North County, you can participate in a plethora of low cost social events and activities offered by our 11 Senior Centers. You can also attend city-sponsored events such as concerts, farmers' markets, street fairs, sporting events, etc.
Active Adult Community Sponsored Activities-  Thinking of moving to an Active Adult Community? Most have an on-premise Social Center where you can make friends while enjoying games, entertainment, swimming and exercise classes.
Work Opportunities-
Interested in continuing work? Our vibrant and prosperous economy offers opportunities for both part and full-time work for retirees, as well as an abundance of meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Opportunities for Lifelong Learning-
Thirty-two Colleges and Universities are located within 30 Miles of the city of San Marcos. Unlike some other parts of the U.S., our community colleges welcome senior citizens and some even offer free low-cost courses for Seniors. One Example is the low-cost Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE) program at Mira Costa College.
Many free or low-cost, non-academic courses are also offered to Seniors throughout North County at our 11 Senior Centers. They include; creative writing, painting, ceramics, quilting, knitting, dance, photography and photo and video editing, to name a few.


Under Props 60 & 90-
You can, under certain conditions, transfer your existing home's Tax Base to your newly purchased retirement home. If you are age 55 or over and presently own a home in any county in California, you may be able to transfer your existing home's tax base (base-year value) to a home of equal or less value in San Diego County.
Propositions 60 and 90


Our Seniors Real Estate SpecialistsRegistered Trademark can help you sort through North San Diego County's twenty Active Adult Communities, fifty-six Age 55+ Mobile/Manufactured Home Communities and hundreds of All-Age Communities to find a home and community that make your Retirement Lifestyle Dreams come true.



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A Real Estate Agent with Cole Realty & Mortgage; North County's top Mobile/Manufactured Home Realtor for the past 31 years.


  Ralph Anderson & Associates Retirement Real Estate Research

Ralph Anderson

More than eleven years' experience studying North County's Active Adult Communities, designing and managing this website and helping folks find the home that best suits their Personal Retirement Lifestyle.
Ralph can answer many of your questions about our Active Adult Communities and about Active Retirement Living in North San Diego County.

  Thinking of selling your home?

Please Contact Us. We would be delighted to help. We will provide a free Market Analysis that shows the current market value of your home and then if you wish, list your home for sale. Stan McNiel is our Conventional Home Community specialist and Susan Sharp is our Mobile/Manufactured Home Community specialist. They both offer a wealth experience that has taught them how to navigate the financial, logistical and emotional issues involved in real estate transactions. Stanís association with prestigious Windermere Real Estate and Susanís association with highly regarded Cole Realty & Mortgage, provides them with a wide network of additional professionals to assist in all aspects of the sale and move and their association with this website provides them with sales leads from folks from all over the world who want to retire here.

   Why Choose Us?

We have many years of experience helping folks retire to North San Diego County and we will do our best to help you find your dream retirement home. We are very familiar with North San Diego County's Active Adult and Age 55+ Mobile/Manufactured Home Communities and also with its All-Age communities that are appropriate for retirees. Our Seniors Real Estate SpecialistsRegistered Trademark (See SRES), have spent many years selling homes in this area, many to retirees. Ralph Anderson has spent the past 11 years exploring the pros and cons about retiring to North San Diego County. Please See About Us

North San Diego County & its Cities Have Received High Ratings Among
"The Best Places to Retire"

San Diegoís North County area contains 13 small to medium size cities, most of which share borders and complement each other with amenities and features that are important to retirees. While its total population of around 780,000 may make it appear to be one large metro area, it actually consists of a combination of small-medium sized cities and rural environs that offer typical small-city advantages of low crime rates and ease of getting around along with the shopping and convenience advantages of a large metro area. Weather-wise, our coastal area climate is the best in the U.S. and our near-coast and inland areas are not far behind. These features, seldom found in other popular retirement places, along with a wide selection of retirement lifestyles, many year-around outdoor activities and a dynamic economic environment make North County well-worth taking time to explore if you are looking for the best place to live after you retire.

About Best Places to Retire Ratings:

The companies and magazines that come up with Retirement Place Ratings usually focus on individual cities and ignore areas like North San Diego County where our border-to-border cities complement each other to create a great Retirement Place throughout the area. Also, many Retirement Place Ratings are published by financial companies who would like to help manage your retirement savings. They try to talk you into retiring to low-cost areas (some of which have high crime rates, harsh climates and do not offer retirees much to do outside of their local community club house activities). Three published rankings stand out however because they apply to the North San Diego County area as a whole rather than to its individual cities:

Milken Institute's 2014 Best Cities for Successful Aging report of the 100-top rated "Large Metros," rated San Diego-Carlsbad, California #1 for weather, #3 in General Rank and #37 overall. We believe that this reportís conclusions apply to most of North County.

Weatherwise.org ranks Coastal San Diego Region of California as the best weather place in the US and ranks it 7th in the 10 Best Weather Places in The World. These rankings also apply to North Countyís Coastal Area and our Near-Coast and Inland areas are not far behind.

David Savageauís 6th edition Retirement Places Rated book actually compared North San Diego County to cities located throughout the US and ranked it #8 of 203 places rated.

Some of North County's cities have been highly ranked too:

Carlsbad was rated as one of the 10 Great Places to Retire in 2015 by Kiplinger's Personal Finance, and a few years ago as one of The 10 Best Retirement Towns in Southern California by Fortune and Where To Retire Magazines.

  Escondido has been rated in the past as One of the 20 Healthiest Places to Retire and also as the Top City in the West for Retirement by Money Magazine.

Deciding where to retire is a very personal choice, we wish you success in making the right decision for you. You might find our The Three Phases of Retirement blog to be helpful.


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